Finding a Used Car for Sale - Pleasure Vs. Difficulty

by Admin 27. November 2013 07:25

Finding used cars for sale or buying a second hand vehicle for a price you want to pay can be challenging – but knowing what the challenges are and how you can win the challenge to get the car you want - can make all the difference in the ease of the deal.

Fortunately, in every difficulty there’s a way to transform it into a positive experience, as this article will reveal.

If you’re thinking about getting a new car or trading your used car then read on and discover the pleasures - and or difficulties - of finding both new and used cars for sale.


The Difficulties:

Reliability: One thing which is sure to concern you is reliability. It can be difficult to find used cars on the market which are reliable - and will last the distance – this is certainly one of the difficulties of buying a used car.

Bargains: In the past, what seemed like an amazing bargain car at the time, often turned out to be a lemon that cost more than the car was worth.

Safety: New cars, straight from the factory, are always covered by factory warranty. However, used cars can be unsafe if bought from a private person – because you never know what you are going to get. Finding used cars for sale which are safe and sound can sometimes be a real challenge.

Trust: When buying a used car, one of the difficulties is the trustworthiness of the seller – or lack of it. Many people in the past, discovered flaws with their vehicles soon after they purchased them… and that’s why trusting a person selling a car, can be challenging.


The Pleasure:

Reliability: So, as you can see by the boldfaced letters, where there is a difficulty there is some pleasure too. It just so happens that on it’s pretty easy to find used cars which are reliable, as the car dealers posting on Dodah, must be a member in good standing with NIADA – the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association.

Members of NIADA adhere to a professional code of ethics that includes integrity, trust, honor and fair dealing with the public. The NIADA and state association logos are well known signs of trust – and these dealers look after their customers.

The used car inventory on predominantly consists of NIADA certified second hand car dealers' stock.

Bargains: Well, there will always be bargain-priced cars. However, at you can find the most accessible deals and the most amazing prices. Many of the car dealer members on Dodah also provide flexible term payment options to ensure you can drive away in the car you really want.

These cheap car deals are not “cheap” in quality – on the contrary they make it so that owning the car you really want is more than just a remote possibility.

Trust: Trust is a required factor in a major buy like we’re talking about, so at you can always be sure to count on finding the information you need. You can always find everything you need to know about the car you are looking at – and any information which isn't posted about the used car on the site can easily be inquired about – via the direct contact email form to the dealer, or by calling the dealer directly. At Dodah we want our users to have the best and easiest experience in buying their new (used) car.

One of the easiest parts is having a website like Dodah to help you out. You can browse through a gazillion used and new car deals from the comfort of your home or mobile whenever you wish – and have all your searches automatically saved – so you can confidently troll through the multitude of listings without losing any promising looking vehicles.

So, as you can see, can be a strong ally on your quest to finding the perfect used car for sale. You should definitely spend some time searching the Dodah site for your preferred car – there are plenty of cars to choose from. Search by State, County, Make, Model – or use the Advanced Search to find exactly what you are looking for.

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