Used Car Advice: Buying a Used Car

by Admin 1. January 2014 20:20

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Buying used cars may be a challenge – there are a lot of things for you to know – but it isn’t that hard if you have the right directions to guide yourself with. This article gives you some simple guidelines on buying a used car, starting by the place where you can browse through the best car deals, to general advice on getting the best deal.

Online Directories like make it easier to find the right car:

Online directories have a million more choices with vast price ranges for different models and this is definitely a plus. Offline, unscrupulous used car dealers can have inflated prices and less quality cars in stock.

The majority of the used car dealers registered with are members in good standing with NIADA – the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association. This means that our dealers value you as a customer and will do their best to help you find the right vehicle for you and look after all your needs.

Never buy a used car from someone you did not communicate with:

Always seek to contact the seller, to talk about the used car you are interested in. When buying a car online from a dealer, make sure that you have their contact details so you can communicate with them directly. Here at we make it easy for you to browse through vehicles and contact the dealer directly.

Because the majority of our dealers are NIADA certified, they are well versed in keeping your best interests in mind, when helping you find your ideal used car.

Always check the car before the owner goes away with the money:

There’s a popular used car scam out there that consists of the seller showing you a car, giving you the key and going elsewhere to make the money transfer, and when you get back into the parking lot the car is gone and so is the seller. Always check the car before the owner goes away with the money – play safe!

Better still, check out all the great new and used cars deals found on – so you always know you will be getting a real deal!

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