Need Wheels? How to Find Cars for Sale in the States

by Admin 29. May 2014 13:30

need wheels cars for sale at

So the first thing you need to do when you live in the States and need wheels, is to head on over to Whether you want a newer model of your current car or you're look for a totally different driving experience then is the easiest way to find both new and used cars online.

Without any annoying ads and a sleek design, shopping for a another vehicle has never been easier.

Instead of spoiling your fun and giving you all the details here, head on over to and check it out for yourself - because the era of complicated car listing sites is over!

We've made navigation a breeze, so you can easily find your new wheels - the new or used car of your dreams - and with easy instant financing you can be sure to drive off in your newer car today.

All the cars you view are saved at the bottom of your screen so you can easily refer back to them and if you see a car you really like, you can:

- Check the vehicle's history with Vin Audit, so you know it's a car worth your effort (simply click on the Vin Audit icon at the top right of each vehicle listing and the vehicle's VIN number is automatically loaded for you to check)

If the car still looks good (and up to your requirements) then:

- Quickly submit a credit application to the dealer so they know you are interested in the vehicle and don't sell it before you get there! Simply click on the Credit App icon at the top right of the vehicle listing you are interested in.

Why wait to get to the car dealer?

- Apply for hassle free auto financing with our trusted partner Auto Credit Express who offer instant finance (with 100% acceptance via a 3 minute application)

Sort all the details, before you get to the car dealer. You can achieve all this directly from the website! Save time online. Finding a newer vehicle has never been easier, than on Check it out. Today.

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Unlike other car listing sites, Dodah has a clean, ad-free design and the interface is simple and easy to operate. Many of our car dealers offer extended payment terms to help you drive away in your preferred vehicle. Private sellers can list their vehicles too.

DEALERS: Dodah was formed by a group of people within the DMS software industry who understand exactly how frustrating it is to post your vehicles to 'free' listing sites - and then only have your vehicle listed for 10 seconds. At, your postings will last for 30 days, the sorts default to the least-viewed vehicles and the website adheres to a clean, capable and completely ad-free design.

Dodah is written specifically to handle car dealer bulk-posting needs and offers a totally secure, multi-tiered user interface geared toward supporting dealers, the public and associations alike. - a new name and vehicle resource to remember.