Help - How to Sell Your Car on Dodah

How to sell your car on Dodah - Posting hints for private owners.

Before posting we recommend you read the Terms of Use here

You are permitted to post up to THREE Vehicles per account and or per person.

1. If you are going to add pictures, do so first keeping in mind the recommended picture size 640 x 480. Dodah only accepts JPEG/JPG images. Maximum file size per image is 3MB.

2. If you have the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) generally found on the driver’s door, write it down (not necessary but will aid in selling your vehicle)

3. Take your time and walk around the vehicle to be sold, noting any additional extras or factory options the vehicle may have installed. Also pay attention to the transmission type, final drive (Front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, all wheel drive etc.

4. When adding the information try and add as much information as possible as this often reduces the number of questions a potential buyer may have.

5. When adding pictures. The first picture you add is called the leader picture. Try and select a picture "front quarter" that shows a good representation of your vehicle.

6. Write notes if the vehicle has additional selling qualities, I.e. One owner, Very low miles etc.

7. If you are aware of frame damage or the Vehicle has a branded title. You are best to disclose this information to avoid possible legal actions from a buyer who buys your vehicle and discovers later the title is branded.

8. Enter all of the options in the option boxes supplied. If there is not enough space add the other items in the Additional Notes section.

9. When the time comes and you have a potential buyer and you have agreed on a price. Make sure that all the required state documents are completed. Contact your local and or state DOL (Department of Licensing) and or other government entities. Generally SELLERS are required to file some form of Notice of Sale.

10. Check your form of payment: Checks and Cashier checks are often counterfeit - if you have any doubt take cash only. Then double check to make sure your cash is not counterfeit. Performing your transaction at your local bank is generally a good idea.

11. Also take these thoughts into consideration:
   a) Deal Locally With Folks You Can Meet In Person - Follow this one rule and avoid 99% of scam attempts on
   b) Avoid deals involving shipping or escrow service and know that only a scammer will "guarantee" your transaction.
   c) is NOT involved in any transaction, and does NOT handle payments, guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, or offer "Buyer Protection" or "Seller Certification"
   d) Never give out financial information (bank accounts, credit card info, social security number birth date etc.